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A new year is upon us and as we start making our way back into the workplace, boardrooms are already buzzing with plans for a bright new company image in the coming months.

Not surprisingly, as well as our own personal New Year’s resolutions, both career wise and in our personal lives, companies may also seize the chance to review their objectives, improve their image and bring it bang up to date.

But, if your organisation is considering a rebrand, there are a few ways to go about it and things to do before taking such a big step. Because, let’s face it, your company image is what sells your product to your customers old and new, so it’s got to be right, if not better than ever before!

Before you rebrand, success is all in the preparation…

  • Reconsider and re-identify your target customer. Are there a few different types? How will your new rebrand appeal to them? Perhaps consider several styles, before you pick one and do some research. Take a choice out to your typical consumer and ask them what they prefer and why.
  • Reconsider what your company ethos and values are – these need to be the very basis for your rebrand and a consistent message throughout.
  • Look at your competitors and how they brand their products. How do you think you could do better?
  • How much can you realistically spend? Consider your budget and make the best of it, by hiring the right marketing people for the job at the right prices.

Your company rebrand should:

  • Appeal to your target customer, while not putting off the ones you already have.
  • Be consistent across the board, whether it’s on the website, in email marketing campaigns, even down to your company stationery and email signature strip. This will give you even greater visibility and recognition.
  • Stay simple and on point. Some of the best campaigns are the most straightforward. Make it too confusing and you run the risk of losing your message. Check out some of the Scandinavian powerhouses such as Ikea and Tiger for inspiration.
  • Have a focus. No confusing messages, make sure you get your point across.
  • Be current. It’s one of the great reasons for a company rebrand, as a new image can make your organisation appear up to date, on the ball and in the know. When it’s done right, of course.
  • Get people in for your company rebrand who know what they’re doing. Check the marketing successes they’ve worked on in the past and know that they are right for you.
  • Showcase the abilities of your organisation. As well as just looking smart and snazzy, a rebrand should still give the consumer faith in your knowledge of what you do.

So, if a revitalised and refreshing new company image is on the cards for your organisation in 2017, remember to give it some careful planning. And, if you need any further advice, feel free to give us a call.

Happy New Year!!