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We’ve been up to some extremely exciting stuff recently and a big part of that was when we had the great pleasure of creating and launching The Little Botanical website.

Plants and greenery have come into a level of super cool all on their own, with the launch of The Little Botanical. And it means that people of all ages can now see how utterly fabulous it is to have a whole host of plants and greenery in their homes.

Not only was the brand and website a true creative pleasure to design and build, but we absolutely love the products themselves – a wide range of house plants, orchids, succulents and accessories which are guaranteed to enhance any home.

 The Little Botanical brings to life a vision of total beauty through the kind of seasonally well focused, attractive plants that will improve any indoor space while enhancing the wellbeing of its inhabitants.

Started by West Sussex nursery, Hill’s Brothers, the aim is to help more people enjoy the benefits of plants by imparting years of growing experience. This, in turn should enable anyone to confidently enjoy plants and feel part of a larger community of plant lovers as a whole.

Vinco’s talented team won the pitch over two local agencies and we worked on everything to create this gorgeous brand – from the logo (which derives from the ancient sign for plant), to the plant labels, social media training, email templates, creative direction and website.

It has been an absolute pleasure and we very much look forward to working with The Little Botanical more in the future.