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Social media is key for SEO for any business online. Alongside social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is Google Plus, which is often overlooked as part of a social media strategy. Despite not being a popular platform, Google Plus does has lots to offer. There are currently over 150 million active users worldwide and when used properly, it can be an effective tool to boost SEO for your website.

Here are some top tips for Google Plus.


Complete your profile

The first thing that will help to increase your SEO using Google+ is to create a business account. Fill in each section and include keywords within your introduction and tagline, and don’t forget to add hyperlinks to link directly back to your website.

Make regular posts on Google+

Posting great content regularly will increase your rankings in Google. This will not only help you gain a large following, but also create links. Why not create a plan of content to post, this ensures you are posting regularly and that it fits in with your other content.

SEO for each post

Each post that you make is treated as a completely new page by Google. This means that it can have a huge impact on your SEO. To maximise the effectiveness, make sure you include a title, keywords and even some hashtags within the content you are sharing. Did you know that Google also displays your most recent posts in search results, so if you’re posting regularly, these will get a greater visibility.


Having localised reviews will boost your rankings. Ask clients to endorse you and always seek to get keyword inclusion within the review. Make sure all posts are genuine and try to get regular reviews.

Add the publisher tag

Many businesses create their profiles but forget to link their website which is so important. This can be done by adding a hyperlink from your site to your Google+ business page using the “rel=publisher” markup with the <a> link.