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Here at Vinco we LOVE Baking…have you seen our Twitter account  Sadly we’re not writing about cake in this post but we are giving you a recipe for success for your content generation.

Content Marketing is not a new technique. People have been promoting brands for centuries by telling stories – Check out this infographic which depicts the history of Content Marketing. Before the internet, businesses had to call potential contacts or write to them, or meet them at events and trade shows. When the internet was born, it changed everything. Suddenly we were flooded with information at our fingertips 24/7, and we had a new online mailbox that could fill up overnight and not just leaflets shoved through our front door. Anyone looking for a service or product could search for information at any time day or night and whilst we are all familiar with this concept now, back then this tidal wave of information could be overwhelming, not to mention annoying especially if you couldn’t find what you were looking for quickly.

Today, us marketers are told that content is king, we have to nurture our website visitors through journeys through our site, make them feel happy and safe by revealing our product or service to them through helpful and meaningful online content, be that video’s, brochure downloads, blogs or website copy. But given the slew of content out there, we are all fighting a battle to be heard! To keep producing content at a steady rate to attract and then keep prospects interested is no mean feat. So how can we keep up?

One answer could be The Pomodoro Technique! Yes, that’s right, for those of you linguists out there, (or those that eat out at Italian Restaurants) that translates as The Tomato Technique…This technique is a time management technique designed to make you more productive. The premise is that you break your time up into manageable chunks so as not to get too overwhelmed. This technique works really well for minimising procrastination and maximising output and focussed activity, just what you need to crack out a few blog posts or limit the amount of time you spend browsing for content inspiration online.

If you fancy giving it a try you can download the Pomodoro App, or if the thought of having to generate all your own content is too daunting, why not get in touch and see how we can help?

Anyone else craving Pizza…?