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The beauty of the Instagram platform and the reason it has over 450 million users is the way it serves as inspiration. By following brands and people on this ‘images speak louder than words’ platform, essentially each user’s timeline ends up being a personalised motivation reel. It’s also a particularly non-intrusive platform which until very recently has been entirely free from advertising.

While some brands and businesses treat Instagram as just another social platform to advertise on and gain followers, the more innovative and successful brands have embraced the true nature of the platform and for that have come up trumps among their fans.

Here are a few of the most inspiration and motivational brands truly embracing what Instagram is all about:

Go Pro

Instagram Go ProGo Pro is a seriously cool product right now and is seriously on trend. Their Instagram account has over 8.5 million followers worldwide which is no easy feat. But what’s inspiring and original about this brand on Instagram is that virtually none of the content featured on its account is produced by the business, but instead by their followers and fans.

If that isn’t fully embracing social and empowering your customers, we don’t know what is. But the further beauty of this strategy is that it compounds the challenge Go Pro sets via its versatile product, challenging users to capture extraordinary moments the way only a Go Pro can.


Instagram OreoThese guys just can’t fail when it comes to social media. People far and wide just love this product so much, it’s almost like they don‘t even have to try.

But to be honest that’s part of the beauty of Oreo’s approach.

Everything is light hearted and fun, never once trying to directly sell their product, just celebrating it with bright, colourful and fun images to contrast the black and white internationally recognised cookie.

Lorna Jane

Instagram Lorna JaneGiving a brand a voice and personality that match with user expectations is tough, but if anyone is nailing it then it’s Aussie fit wear brand Lorna Jane.

Health & Fitness and Fashion & Beauty are Instagram’s two most popular overall categories, so it’s no surprise that Lorna Jane is doing so well.

Their posts capture the feeling that you’re following a personality rather than a product, almost like an insight in to the life of a Lorna Jane consumer.