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In its very simplest form, marketing automation refers to any automatically triggered channel communication from brand to user, prompted and managed via software product or online platform plugin. Most typically and widely used in the management of repetitive marketing tasks like those found in most email and social media channels as well as some basic website actions.

Marketing automation affords brands the potential to activate best in class marketing communication and response techniques without the need for an ever present human element. Marketing automation not only removes the human element from the day to day equation, but also allows significant upscaling of activity with minimal resources required.

Marketing automation has many micro elements and tactics within any single given channel, but the overall goal of using this solution should be the same, the automated nurture of prospective and existing customers and leads with the end goal of generating additional customer satisfaction and revenue generating opportunities. The reality in many cases though can be a lazy approach to day to day communications and a potential lack of personalisation for users with them receiving very generic messaging.

Marketing automation can be an extremely effective investment for a brand or business when used effectively, but this depends on a few particular factors we see overlooked in favour of simply following the crowd. Not least of all is the basic need to feed your creation at the very top of the funnel in order to reap the eventual rewards.

Marketing automation is a tool for refining your ongoing funnel communications after first contact or engagement with potential customer. Some businesses, particularly new ecommerce brands, spend far too much time refining their marketing automation alongside their website in order to give the best possible experience for visitors and ensuring they are guided through the initial stages of the consumer funnel and on their way to becoming customers or clients.

This is excellent in terms of long term preparation. The issue is that these same businesses spending all this time and resource refining marketing automation are often neglecting the most important element. Feeding the top of the funnel itself. Are you putting as much effort in to generating traffic and interest upfront so that your wonderfully thought our and flawlessly designed automation channels actually have an audience to perform for?

Marketing automation can be a game changer in terms of user satisfaction and conversion funnel guidance, repeat business and general customer surprise and delight when executed well. But prioritise this investment vs where you and your business are in terms of basic awareness and traffic generation. Chances are while you’re playing with automation techniques, other brands are out there focussing on increasing their overall market reach. Putting them one step ahead. Be sure to prioritise your efforts.

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