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Christmas is just around the corner and let’s face it, as the excitement builds, we are all hoping that the gifts we give will go down a treat with our loved ones. Remember the infamous Harvey Nichols #giftface ad last year? Well, we’ll be having none of that this year, thanks!

When it comes to marketing, the approach should be the same, as though you’re giving a welcome gift to potential customers in order to entice them in. The message that you give out should be a useful and relevant one, designed specifically for the individual, rather than an inconvenient waste of time.

In previous blog posts we talked about the use of website pop ups and how to ensure they’re not an annoyance, which will set your bounce rate hopping wildly, as well as user friendly changes made by search engines and social media sites to enhance the all-round experience for the customer.

With any sales and marketing campaign, there are ways to go about it to make it more appealing. So, here are a few tips on what Santa should be bringing for your prospects this Christmas.

A box of recognition

Identify your audience – before anything is sent out to potential customers, you must first identify who they are. Create personas on who your top target prospects are and tailor your marketing campaign to the kind of message that they would want to receive. Remember your marketing should be interesting, informative, relevant and useful. The only way to do this is by identifying the type of person you are sending it to.

Good timing we bring

Ensure that everything you send out is the right kind of content at the right time. Again, you can only do this by creating a persona for your top targets and looking at what their daily movements might be, for example, the time of day they’re most likely to be online and what their likes and dislikes are.

Lashings of consistency

Ensure that every piece of marketing material/ advertising / content etc that you send out to potential customers is consistent in tone of voice, look and feel. This way, once you’ve become known for putting out material they can engage with, they will recognise you in the future and look to do the same again.

Great communications

This is an invaluable tool when done right in any organisation. A department should be able to communicate well within itself and also with other departments within the business. Again, as well as ensuring consistency in your message, you will also be able to keep track of who is receiving what, with regard to sales and marketing material and you will minimise the risk of losing potential customers who feel bombarded.

A lasting relationship

Coming back to the first gift of recognition, it’s taking the time to identify your audience and ensure that you’re sending out material that will benefit and engage them that will ultimately get you the long lasting relationship and have them coming back for more.

If you would like to find out more about ways to benefit your potential customers and make the most of inbound marketing techniques, then get in touch with us today we are a Sussex based Marketing Agency who is able to help you with all your communication needs. 

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