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Live Website Leads

Identify companies and individuals using your website in real-time.

  • Identify which companies have visited your website
  • Identify which pages were viewed per session
  • Identify which individuals at that company visited
  • Maximise sales from paid channels (e.g.PPC)

Retain and Upsell

Learn how your current clients are using your website and identify up-sells.

  • Track current customers for up-sell and retention
  • Track each website visit in real time
  • Automated nurturing of Website traffic

Detailed Reporting

Use our software to track your digital marketing ROI.

  • Email reports of companies visiting your website
  • Highlight your biggest website drop offs
  • Track ROI on all campaigns more efficiently

What is website tracking software?

Visitor tracking software identifies the users IP address, allowing us to know the companies who have visited your website. We can tell you exactly what pages they have viewed and even send you an alert when a certain client is on your website in real-time. You no longer need to be searching in the dark for hot leads.

Why you need B2B website tracking

Research has shown that just 3% of your website traffic will ever contact you. Gain inside knowledge about your visitors by tracking their online behaviour. You are then able to use lead scoring and industry breakdown to identify the strong sales opportunities over the ‘tyre kickers’.

How can Vinco Edge increase retention

Do you know what your clients are doing leading up to a contract renewal or perhaps what products they are looking at on your website? Be one step ahead and know not only what your potential leads are looking at but also understand your current customer needs.

How Vinco Edge can support you

We don’t just provide the software, we offer a dedicated Account Manager to support you with ranking your leads and your over-all website lead-generation strategy.

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